About the symposium
International symposium FELT 2006 Lietuviškai

About the symposium

International symposium “Felt 2006”, which has been held from 8 th to 23 rd of September in 2006 for the third time, is a continuation of a still young tradition of textile symposiums in Lithuania. The Symposium took place in the art house of Milosz, which is not far from Kėdainiai, Lithuanian city geographically situated in a center of a country.

The fourth Symposium “Felt 2006” is named “Sign – Reflections of Different Cultures in Works of Contemporary Young Artists”. There were presented opportunities to work with industrial, traditional, and needle-felt techniques in the Symposium. The technique of felting has been used by many nations since ancient times. Felt symposiums present a great opportunity for professional artists to express, improvise and reinvent this technique from the scratch. Traditional techniques and genres provide more options, possibilities and space for development of modern art.

In addition to creative activities the participants of the symposium were doing the presentations of traditional and modern culture of their countries, were including the slide lectures and reports on urgent art issues. Also the demonstrations of individual techniques acquainting everyone with wide possibilities for felt applications.

The first felt symposium was held in 1998 in Anykščiai, in the residence of a famous long-time art event supporter R. Biliūnas “Fetras”. There, many art projects that use industrial felt technique continue to be worked on until this day. There were 24 artists from 8 countries attending the Symposium of 1998. Their colourful art works traveled throughout the galleries of all major Lithuanian cities.

In contrast to flat decorative industrial felt compositions that were dominant in 1998, the 2002 exposition had plenty of spatial, sculptured objects and even included action-oriented artistic works. Artists were eager to counterpart industrial felt with traditional hand-made, many were transforming wool pictures into video animations, used new metal constructions, etc.

People with mental diseases had been included to participate in the third Symposium. The project received such a huge success that it will be transformed into the self-dependent Symposium “Art Therapy”.

Participants: The organisers of the Symposium “Felt 2006“ have invited 19 artists from 3 countries (Latvia, Lithuania, Turkey): group “Baltos kandys” (“White Moths”) (LT): Austė Jurgelionytė, Karolina Kunčinaitė, Miglė Lebednykaitė, Rasa Leonavičiūtė, Laura Pavilonytė, Julija Vosyliūtė; Kaspars Lielgalvis (LV), Gulcan Batur Ercivan (Turkey), Eglė Ganda Bogdanienė (LT), Ala Červonikova (LT), Kristina Čyžiūte (LT), Simas Dūda (LT), Jūratė Kazakevičiūtė (LT), Ligita Marcinkevičiūtė (LT), Karina Matiukiene (LT), Giedrė Valtaitė (LT), Ieva Veita (LV), Lina Zavadskė (LT), Marius Zavadskis (LT).

The Symposium has been completed with the exhibition of works generated during the Symposium in the J.Monkutė-Marx Museum-Gallery in Kėdainiai, in the “Academy“ Gallery in Vilnius. And later it will be continued in various cities of Lithuania (in the Civic Art Gallery in Panevėžys and in the city of Anykščiai).

Organisers: The Symposium “Felt 2006“ has been organised by the Artists’ Group “White Moths” and Textile Department of Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts in co-operation with the Janina Monkutė-Marks Museum Gallery and The Czeslaw Milosz Birthplace Foundation.

The principal sponsors: the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania, The Foundation for Support of the NGO Culture Projects, the Vilnius Fine Arts Academy, Vilnius City Municipality, R.Biliūnas factory “Fetras”, factory “Vernitas”, Janina Monkutė-Marks Museum Gallery, The Czeslaw Milosz Birthplace Foundation.